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Jay Ritchey
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Start Time:8/6/2022 1:00:00 AM
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Jay Ritchey


Merit Energy $150.00

All Hot Springs County youth 4-H & FFA work hard all year to make sure their animals are top quality for showing at the fair. Once showing is done, it’s sale day. This sale is solely for the 4-H and FFA youth of Hot Springs County Wyoming and their market animal projects. Proceeds are paid out to the individual youths. For more information, please phone Will Farrell @ 307-921-8437.

By registering to bid for any sale with MM Auction Services, LLC DBA Premier Online Sales, you agree to all terms & conditions of this site and the individual sale terms and conditions whether you choose to read them all or not.

Auction Terms & Conditions: This sale is solely for the 4-H and FFA youth of Hot Springs County Wyoming. It is for their market animal projects. Proceeds are paid out to the individuals. For more information, please phone Ginger at 307-864-3836.

The live auction begins promptly at 7pm MST on August 5th. All sale lots will be posted by Friday @ 8am after positions are drawn for. High Speed Internet is required for best online bidding results. "ADD-ONS" are available for all kids. Go into the lot and choose "Add On" then enter the amount. Add-ons can be placed starting @ 8 am Friday morning until Friday August 12th @ 5pm. Add-ons purchased by online bidders will be invoiced and credit card on file will be charged by MM Auction Services plus 3% convenience fee. If you don't want to be charged the 3%, please login and enter electronic check information in your account. If you have e-check information entered, we'll charge that instead of your card to save you the 3% fee. Anyone who purchases an animal, be it in person at the sale or online, will be invoiced and contacted by a Hot Springs County Fair Representative. Be prepared to tell the representative the destination of animal for processing. 

High Speed Internet is required for best online bidding results. Bids can NOT be retracted. When you click, you buy! Lot 0 will be available for you to practice bidding on minutes before the sale starts. Click to Bid!

For any questions related to the actual auction and animals, please contact Will Farrell at 307-921-8437. Have questions strictly about registering to bid or any questions related to online bidding, call MM Auction Services @ 877-725-3636 ext 103 or email online@mmauctionservices.com.


Payment Terms: If you purchase an animal online you will also pay online. The same is true for any add-ons that you wish to gift to any of the kids.  Please be prepared to let the contact know where the destination of your animal bought will be. You will be sent an invoice in which payment in full is due. By bidding online, you are acknowledging that you waive the right for a return of animal, refund of monies paid, in conjunction with your purchase at this sale.

Buy Back Option: HSC Fair Board offers a buy back option.  If you DO NOT want to keep your meat that you purchase, you may let the contact person calling you after the sale know.  You will only pay the initial purchase amount minus the market price of that species.  That will be the amount billed to you.  The animal is then taken straight to Wyoming Legacy for their purchase of it.

Shipping/Pick UP: Plan Ahead – Due to the tremendous scheduling demands local processing plants are experiencing, we encourage you to call and reserve a slaughter date before the sale if you are in need of the animal by a certain date. Otherwise, the kids will get them in as soon as possible. ** Sellers are only responsible to take care of the animal for two weeks after the auction. At that point, the animal becomes the buyer’s responsibility, and the buyer will need to take physical possession of the animal.  

LIABILITY: Spectators, buyers and sellers are aware of the danger represented by numerous large animals in the sale ring and on the grounds and are at their own peril in conducting themselves. The Hot Springs County Junior Livestock Sale Committee and the Hot Springs County Fairgrounds accepts or claims no responsibility for any injuries.


Hot Springs County Fair Grounds
Thermopolis, Wyoming
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