Premier Mule Sale

Chrome In The Canyon Premier Mule Sale

Chrome In The Canyon Premier Mule Sale

Popularity of mules continues to grow worldwide. Because of this, we are bringing mule enthusiasts another option of finding their next #1! Through our nomination, sifting, and preview, buyers will prevail at the sale so rest assured to Buy with Confidence!!

MM Auction Services, LLC would like to welcome you to our 3rd Annual Chrome in the Canyon Premier Mule Sale, May 5-7, at Bryce Canyon Mule Days. We are excited to bring the Country’s PREMIER mules and trainers to Tropic, Utah during Mule Days for you to pick from. Our mission is to instill buyer confidence in our mule sales by bringing together trainers with integrity and high quality mules. Premier Mule Sale presents a professional buying experience showcasing mules of all disciplines and breeds guaranteeing you’ll find your next dream mule.

All mules are nominated during the month of January then scored by our committee using our rubric. Only the top mules will sell at sale. That’s the first sifting process! The 2nd sifting process is when they show up in Tropic. Our vet and crew will thoroughly check and sift all mules. If they pass, they sell at sale! As an auction company, we do everything we can to provide the highest quality mules available. We expect you as the buyer to do your homework and call trainers in advance. Please ask them various questions, go to their homes and ride the mules, be at Mule Days all three days to thoroughly watch the mules, and pick the ones that best fit you. If buyers want their own x-rays, a vet will be onsite to perform these services.

Ebenezer Bryce settled in the valley just below the canyon in 1870. Bryce was a shipbuilder who journeyed west with Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers to assist in the construction of buildings essential to community life throughout the new land. Bryce lived here for only five years, yet in that time the people who knew him knew the canyon as Bryce’s canyon. Bryce was a pragmatic man, constructing roads to facilitate lumber transport and surveying the route for a 10-mile irrigation ditch running from the top of the plateau to the valley that would later lead to larger, more permanent settlements. If he had romantic ideas concerning the land on which he struggled to survive, they are lost in history. All he is known to have said concerning this striking scene behind his home is, “It’s a heck of place to lose a cow.”


Bryce Canyon Mule Days, 412 UT-12, Tropic, Utah 84776
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