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King is a 2015 AQHA Gelding that you'll be proud to hang your saddle on! 365 days a year he will have you feeling like royalty, but his priority isn't about his looks, it's about his inner loyalty. (Ok I promise the Dr. Suess stuff ends here) With his dappled silver coat, exceptional pedigree, and impeccable build, he is sure to be the talk of the town - but ONLY for all the right reasons! King has been used for daily for everyone in the family, no matter their age, size, confidence level, experience, or discipline. He's taken complete beginners & those lacking confidence out on the ranch, down the trail, and around the arena more times than we can begin to count. This handsome gelding is a product of PLAYGUN, PEPTOBOONSMAL & KING breeding - with bloodlines like that you are sure to have a pretty, versatile, cowy and athletic horse, all of which he is & then some. Ask any old timer or expert in the horse industry & they'll tell you that you can't find a pedigree much better than his. Since day 1 King has been special, he was raised & trained on the same ranch & was shown in the working cow horse his 3yo year. He is super light, broke, has NO vices & has done every aspect of ranch work including gathering, sorting & branding. He has traveled all over the map to put on his work clothes & go right to business! The rolling hills of Central Texas, in the red bluffs of Sundance, Wyoming, and across the vast plains & big skies of Belle Fourche, South Dakota! Additionally, King has been started on the heeling side! When you pair his size & his fun stops together, it's a no brainer that he would make an awesome breakaway horse that's also still quiet enough for ANYONE to take and enjoy riding on the trails. King has been our “go to” horse. Even on cold, snowy Wyoming winter days when cow work must get done, he never lets us down. It doesn't matter how long he's been sitting, he will ride off like the saint that he is & never miss a beat. He is the one that we KNOW we can count on to get the job done right the first time, taking care of us no matter the circumstance. He has a quiet disposition, is very personable & SAFE!!! King is also the first horse we grab when someone comes to visit who may be a "little green", he's who they ride because he's simply so honest & makes everyone feel welcome when they're on his back. The knack he has to be able to instantaneously adjust to the skill level of his rider is unrivaled. I haven't ever seen or even ridden another horse that does it quite like he does. In fact, King is so pleasurable for even the most of novice riders that they can't wait to get on him again, he makes everybody feel like somebody! BEWARE: I'll just warn you now, the worst part about King is that your kids, spouse, family members, friends &/or neighbors are all going to bicker about who gets to ride him. Last summer King had an especially important job that involved showing a newcomer the "ropes" - day after day King happily & patiently helped teach a 14 yo boy who was learning to gather cows, sort & track the breakaway dummy. I love how at ease King makes people feel, rarely do you get to get on a horse and just take a deep breath and enjoy the ride for exactly what it is. I promise you'll feel completely at home as soon as you swing your leg over this one. In all actuality, saying that King is "super broke" does him no justice. He really has the ideal, faultless foundational training that he'll have for a lifetime no matter where he goes or what he does. There were no short cuts taken in making him, he has been in the most qualified hands since day 1 & this kind of preparation has made him readily equipped to handle just about anything or any situation you can throw at him! Not many horses are as smooth or comfortable as King either, it doesn't matter if you're at a walk, trot or lope - you won't wake up after you ride feeling like you were on a jack hammer for 6 hours the day prior. King has the desirable "pitter-patter" type of slow jog until YOU decide that YOU want to pick up the pace into an extended trot or right into his steady slow lope! He is feather light in the bridle (often times we even ride him in a bosal), is responsive to leg cues, profound neck rein - he's always sure to stay right between the bridle reins, & travels out mesmerizingly fluid at all gaits as well. When out on the trail or riding through more urban settings, you'll find that he's still an upright individual! Going under, over, through, or around any other REAL-LIFE obstacles found when you're out enjoying the day. Unbothered by pedestrians, vehicles, barking dogs, bikes, trashcans, & so on... & Not to mention, King has seen more wildlife than a National Park Trail Guide! Never offering to spook at antelope, deer, turkeys, coyotes, elk, birds, or snakes. Do you like to have your dog follow along side of you when you go out for a ride? King is very familiar with man's best friend trailing right with him. He walks out at just the right pace - covers plenty of ground without being too fast or intimidating & isn't so slow that you are pedaling him all day long to try to keep up with your pals! He’s not only a babysitter when you're on his back, but on the ground too! King is a full-fledged gentleman to be around, he's safe no matter who is handling him. Minds his manners, is easy to catch anywhere, gets along with all our other horses/livestock when turned out, or stays happy in the barn, loads great, ties quiet, & stands like a pro to be groomed, saddled, bridled, bathed & passively stands still for mount or dismount. Standing at 15 hands, he's the perfect size to pack around any rider - man, woman or child. King has been cared for as well as my own kid & has always been tended to in the most properly detailed ways. UTD on all dental, deworming, vaccinations, Coggins, and farrier work. He is barefoot, his hooves are dark, well made & proportionate but if shoes are a must for you, he stands superb for the farrier. Owning a horse like king has been an honor for my family & I. I know that we will never be able to replace him but unfortunately, I am faced with the fact that we have two businesses and several colts that have grown up to starting age. It is clear that spare time is going to be nonexistent in our household for a while. King deserves to be treated like exactly what he is - a king. There is zero reason a horse like him should sit around & miss out on the chance to do life with another family or special person. Here is an opportunity for someone to have a shot at getting their total dream horse!!! He's the horse who is a fit for everyone: unparalleled match for the leisurely trail rider or the avid adventure seeker, the perfect asset for any rancher looking for a horse they can depend on no matter the job, the ultimate mount for the ranch rider or ranch versatility competitor at any level, & he's beyond qualified for the single most prestigious job any horse can have - teaching, building confidence, & showing folks both young & old what it's like to be a horsemen! King is in a league of his own & is in the prime of his life. He has the looks, disposition, conformation, & talent for a lifetime of memories. If you are looking for that once in a lifetime horse – you found him. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this special guy. King gets his name honestly because he is one royally bred horse! His sire is an own son of "PLAYGUN" (An All-Time Leading Cutting and Reined Cow Horse sire since 2003, PLAYGUN has influenced multiple disciplines and is a name that resonates with people of the Western performance horse industry. He is an outcross for many of today’s popular performance horse bloodlines. Sire of the earners of more than $9.7 Million and 9,424 AQHA Points • 38 AQHA World & Reserve World Championships • Top 10 Leading Reined Cow Horse Sire • Top 15 Leading Cutting Sire • QData Top 20 All-Time Leading Sire of Ranch Horse Money-Earners) out of a daughter of "PEPTOBOONSMAL" (LTE: $180k+, $26+ MILLION DOLLAR SIRE, 2010 NCHA #4 Leading sire & NRCHA Top 15 all time leading sire, equi-stat #8 all time leading cutting sire). His dam is equally as impressive - she goes back to "CONTINENTAL KING" (Superior in Reining, First horse inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame, NCHA Certificate of Ability, Sire of many great performance horses and producers) and "GAY BAR KING" (NCHA money-earner, Race money-earner, Halter pt earner, ROM Performance Progeny Record: Reserve World Champion offspring, Superior Halter Offspring ( 33 Halter Pt earners of 355 Open Pts), Superior Performance offspring (131 Performance Pt earners of 2,495 Open Pts), AQHA Champion offspring, Race ROM offspring, NRHA and NCHA money-earners, Race Money-earners. The late Gay Bar King was one of the top performance horse sires of all time. His progeny are known for their strong attributes which pass down through generations). For more information, contact Cheyenne @ (480)-907-8516.
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Nomination & Grading Process - TOP HORSES ONLY SELL AT SALE 

·       Horses are nominated months in advance then scored by our team using our rubric.

·       Nomination Rubric (Click to View) - the higher the trainer & their horse score, the better their chances are of selling at our sale. Quality over quantity!

·       12 scoring areas: Trainer Status, Ownership, Loyalty, Pedigree, Age, Photos, Description, Conformation, Disposition, Body Condition, Bonus Points, & Performance/Riding Ability. +3 “Superior” is the score to shoot for in each category.

·       Our job is to ensure each horse is a good fit for our sale and buyers as well as our sale is a good fit for all horses and trainers alike. 

Sifting Process @ the Sale

·       Arena work – Catch, saddle, all 4-feet easily picked up, bridle, ride off with tight cinch – no problem and lope away.

·       Minor abrasions, cuts, or sores may be sifted unless it is likely to heal normally without veterinarian treatment and cause no long-term threat.

·       Trainer understands that if their horse doesn’t pass all stages of Premier Horse Sale’s sifting process, they will be pulled from the sale and consignment fee is forfeited. If we decide they’re out, they are OUT! Bring your BEST! 

Sale Soundness Exam & Images

Trainers are required to provide a sale soundness exam including images. X-rays required consist of AP and Lateral radiographs of the navicular as well as Skyline Navicular views and oblique views of the hocks.

·       Buyers understand that if they want additional images of horses or a sale exam of their own, they will have those done ahead of sale time at buyers’ expense. 

  • All horses selling at Premier Horse Sales are required to have a sale soundness exam done by a licensed veterinarian in order to sell.
  • Sale exams can be done as early as 6 months before sale day but no sooner. Vets are required to upload information to our website, repository page, as early as 1 month before the sale.
  • Some trainers will include stifle x-rays as well as others but it’s not required. If buyers want more than the required sale exam & images, they are required to get it done before the sale at their expense.
  • X-rays are viewable on our website as early as 2 months before sale day up to sale day and then the system automatically deletes them when the gavel drops. We do not keep x-rays past sale day.
  • The deposit and inspection of X-rays, and access to the repository are subject to our Repository Terms & Conditions listed on our website. All buyers accept the Repository terms and conditions when accepting these terms and bidding at sale.
  • Each buyer is encouraged to instruct their registered veterinarian to inspect the X-rays for each Lot and physically inspect each Lot prior to the purchase thereof. As provided in the Standard Conditions of Sale contained in the Sales Catalogue and on our website, each Lot purchased is purchased, at the fall of the hammer, with all defects and deficiencies, latent and patent, subject to the exceptions set out in the said Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, or, announced prior to the auction of a Lot. The Buyer acknowledges that it is his sole responsibility to determine the quality, accuracy and completeness of the sale exam and to obtain independent advice with respect thereto from a registered veterinarian. 

Bidding: Bidders have 4 options to bid: onsite, online, phone, or agent bidding. See our “Register to Bid” page on our website to get registered for our next sale. All bidders must be at least 18 years of age. Online bidders nor any pre-bids will not have precedence over floor bids. All bids are placed to the auctioneer and auctioneer accepts the ones he sees/hears first. Setting max bids online does not guarantee the bidder winning for that amount over a floor bidder. To avoid this happening, make sure your max is truly your max or bid live online or by phone past your max. The highest bidder is the buyer. If any dispute arises between or among two or more bidders, sole authority to settle the dispute as he sees fit is reserved by the auctioneer and the decisions shall be final. Seller reserves the right to waive the sale (bids) of his/her horse before it leaves the ring. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The auctioneer completes sale of a horse at the fall of the gavel. We reserve the right to refuse bidding to anyone. Anyonene can/will be asked to leave or banned from bidding if problems arise.

·       International Bidders: Register onsite, online, or by phone. A letter from your bank is required to be an approved bidder. Email a letter on your banks letterhead stating you bank with them and all accounts are in good standing. Email to info@mmauctionservices.com.

·       Onsite Bidders: Register at the sale office anytime by bringing your driver’s license and credit card as a form of payment to have on file whether you plan to pay this way or not.

·       Online Bidders: Online Bidding is provided by our company, MM Auction Services, LLC. Go to Premieronlinesales.com and you can find it under current auctions at that link. Click on “Buyer Resources” to get started or call with questions. There will be a 1% online buyers fee applied to all online winning bids. You’ll need to create an account with our online platform first. Once we have verified your accounts with your bank, we will send you an “approval to bid” email. Watch for emails in your spam folder. If bidder refuses to pay their invoice in full, the same fees for loss of income and distress listed below will be applied to online bidders as well.

·       Phone Bidders & Absentee Bidders: Serious buyers only! There will be a 2% buyer’s premium fee applied to all phone and absentee winning bids. To bid on more than 4 horses, you are required to first pay $100 per additional head to bid. This payment is non-refundable but will be applied to your final statement if you purchase a horse. In order to bid, you will need to fill out our phone/absentee bidding form to submit with a copy of your driver’s license. Our clerks will contact you for a form of payment to have on file. New bidders need to provide us with their bank contact information, last 4 digits of bank account number, and copy of driver’s license. If bidder refuses to pay their invoice in full, the same fees for loss of income and distress listed below will be applied to phone bidders as well.

·       Agent Bidders: Buyer and agent are required to fill out the Agent’s Authorization Form and include a copy of the agent and bidder’s driver’s license. Our clerks will contact the buyer for a form of payment to have on file.


Payment: Payment in full is required to be made to MM Auction Services immediately after the sale. Onsite bidders can pay by credit card, cash or check. A 3% convenience fee will be charged if payments are made with a credit or debit card (4% international). Online and phone bidders have 2 payment choices only, credit card or ACH (e-check). Make sure you plan accordingly and notify your bank of the charges. Any returned e-check charges will be accessed a $500 fee and required to wire the balance same day plus the $500 fee. Any credit card payments declined by the buyer’s bank for any reason will be assessed a $500 fee and required to wire the balance same day plus the $500 fee. International bidders have 2 payment options of credit/debit card (4% convenience fee) or wire transfer only. By making payment, you acknowledge that you waive the right for a return of horse(s) along with any and all refunds of monies paid etc. in conjunction with any purchases at this sale/auction from MM Auction Services, LLC DBA Premier Horse Sales. MM Auction Services is a pass-through agency and does not hold funds for guarantees, returns or refunds of monies paid on animals purchased at auction. All current county and state sales tax rates will be applied to all winning bids. In order to be tax exempt, appropriate forms will need to be filled out and to our office BEFORE sale day or exemption will not be granted. All buyers agree to not place any kind of charge back on any payment made towards the purchase of any horse.


Bidders Guarantee: Bidders guarantee to not request x-rays, vet exams, or any images or content from any vet after purchasing a horse. Bidders guarantee to get all exams and images needed from a vet prior to bidding or registering for this sale allowing them to have the confidence prior to the horse selling in order to bid. Bidders guarantee that when they click to bid online or say “yes” by phone bidding, they will pay the fees listed below even if they determine they “didn’t mean” to bid or call it an accident. If you click to bid online, you are entering a legal binding contract. It doesn’t matter whether you bid accidentally or someone else bids for you under your account. Same goes for phone bidding. We call the number you provide and the person on the other end is the bidder and has final say. Bidding and winning but not paying for the horse will result in fees due for loss of income to both the seller and MM Auction Services, LLC.

o   8% of the determined sale price to MM Auction Services for loss of income & distress

o   2% of the determined sale price to MM Auction Services for pain & distress

o   $500 nomination fee to the seller for loss of income & distress

o   $500 advertising fees to the seller for loss of income & distress

o   $10,000 training fees to the seller for loss of income & distress

o   $3,500 travel fees to the seller for loss of income & distress


Private Sales: Absolutely no private sales with trainers either prior to the sale or after the auction. Trainers have given MM Auction Services, LLC Exclusive Rights for selling the consigned horses. All horses brought to the sale are required to go through the auction ring. Any horses “no sold” in the ring but sold outside are expected to report it to the office. We will leave it up to the integrity of the seller to make sure this happens so the seller will be welcome back to the sale. 


Trainer’s Guarantee: Based upon representations made solely by the horse trainer, all horses consigned have passed our sifting process prior to the sale. All horses are sold guaranteed sound by the trainer only that at the time of sale the horse was sound of limb, wind, and eye unless other announcements are made from the auction block. This soundness guarantee shall be exclusively between buyer and seller only and does not include any other persons.  Buyer understands and agrees that MM Auction Services is not responsible to perform any inspection or to independently confirm or verify the soundness of Trainer’s horse.  Buyer understands and agrees that MM Auction Services is unaware of the condition of Trainer’s horse, and therefore is relying solely upon representations made by Trainer regarding the condition of the horse and that the horse is sound.  All soundness guarantees do not include any time period following the sale including transportation. Buyers are encouraged to purchase equine insurance within 24 hours of sale time to protect their investments. Shall any soundness disputes arise; the buyer must contact the seller and settle the dispute between the two of them and Buyer agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless MM Auction Services, Colby or Codi Gines, Premier Horse Sales, to and from any claims, liability or damages which may be asserted by buyer of the horse on account of any breach of warranty, breach of promise or alleged misrepresentation. In the event it is determined that the defect was present at the time of sale, the trainer is required to trade the buyer a horse of same value. If the horse is determined not to have the alleged defect, the sale of said horse is valid and enforceable and purchaser assumes all costs of examination, treatment, and sale purchase price. Soundness does not guarantee pass of a check by any vet or trainer following the sale. Buyers are to ride and visit the horse before the sale giving them confidence they need to bid come sale day. If they want additional x-rays, they need to have them completed before the sale at their own expense. The buyer understands and agrees that the trainer of each animal (not MM Auction Services nor Premier Horse Sales) represents and warrants to the buyer, Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services LLC to include but not limited to the following:

·       Title of the animal, free from all claims of ownership

·       Sound of limb, eyes, and wind

·       Not a cribber or wind sucker

·       Not cryptorchid

·       Not pregnant

·       Be exactly what they represent them to be.

·       If said horse is not what the trainer represents it to be, Trainer will take the horse back and give the buyers a horse that they claimed to have purchased. A decision needs to be made based on what is best for both parties. Whether the buyer did their homework or not, will also be taken into consideration. Buyers are required to contact the seller only to resolve any situations.


Requirements for Transport:

·       Brand Inspection – Required by the brand law states only on all sale horses: A brand inspection (AKA Ownership Papers) is included with horse payment at checkout and must be obtained from the brand inspector once you have paid for your horse(s), $20 fee charge.

·       Coggins – Required for transport into and out of every state. All horses sold are required to provide a coggins test current within six months of sale date (provided by trainer).

·       Health – Required for transport out every state. A veterinarian will be on grounds to provide all horses going out of state a current health inspection. Fees will be included with horse payment at checkout, $75 per animal (International Health is additional $300). 

Transporters: We highly recommend that buyers hire a licensed and insured transporter. Branded A Equine, LLC is exactly that and our sale’s exclusive transporter. They’ll be at the sale waiting to take care of you and your next partner. Call Tonya ahead to get a quote @ (405)780-2443.

Equine Insurance: We highly recommend that buyers protect their investments and purchase equine insurance. Ingram Insurance Agency offers drop of the hammer coverage and is our exclusive equine insurance provider. All horses are covered from the time of sale for up to 24 hours. In order for this coverage to be effective, buyers are required to activate a policy within the first 24 hours. Call Jenifer @ 877-437-0300.

 Care of & Pick-Up: Buyer assumes full ownership and responsibility of the animal from the time it is sold in the sale ring. It is the new owner’s responsibility and sole risk from the time of purchase for proper feed, care, and maintenance. Buyers will be responsible to pick-up purchased horse(s) immediately following the sale or a nightly boarding/care/feed fee will be assessed.

 Warranty: There is no implied warranty made by auctioneer or Sale Company as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any animal in the sale. The buyer agrees that it is relying upon any warranties or representations made prior to or during the sale to be made only by and on behalf of the trainer. Buyer agrees that MM Auction Services LLC and Premier Horse Sales are serving merely as agents selling said horse(s) for the trainer as the principle. The seller/trainer is the sole responsible party for all representations, warranties, and guarantees expressed or implied concerning the condition of any horse and buyers should satisfy themselves concerning the condition before purchasing. Trainers will not replace animal because of human/animal personality conflicts. Once again, buyers need to do their homework well in advance of the sale to find the sale animal that best fits them. The buyer and sale attendees further agree to hold the trainer, MM Auction Services LLC, and Premier Horse Sales harmless from all loss, cost and expense rising from illness, injury or death of such animal, or loss or damage to property, and injury or death of persons, caused by themselves, their agents, or employees, or by the animal, subsequent to the time of purchase.

Buyers Fees: 

·        Sales Tax:  

·        Reno, Nevada - Washoe County, Nevada applies an 8.265% Sales Tax 

·        Fort Worth, Texas - No Sales Tax – 0% Sales Tax on all livestock 

·        Las Vegas, Nevada - Clark County, Nevada applies an 8.375% Sales Tax 

·        Ocala, Florida –  No Sales Tax - 0% Sales Tax on Horses

·        Brand Inspection: $20 brand inspection fee/horse (not all states are brand states). 

·        Health Papers: $75 health inspection fee/horse (International $300) 

·        Additional Buyer’s Fees: 

·        1% Online Buyers Fee

·        2% Phone Bidding Fee 

·        3% credit/debit card convenience fee (4% International)  

Stalls following the sale: All horses can stay in their current stall until noon the day after the sale. They are required to be checked out no later than noon. Nightly boarding rates will apply. MM Auction Services will feed and water the night after the sale and the following morning. 

Liability: Buyers, sellers, and spectators are cautioned to exercise care while attending the sale and enter premises at their own risk according to the laws of the state in which the sale is held (Nevada or Texas). Neither the owners nor any other persons connected with this sale assume any liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents to persons or property, before, during, or after the sale. Colby & Codi Gines, Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services, LLC; its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, and each and every landowner, municipal and/or government agency upon whose property this activity is conducted, shall not be liable for injuries sustained by anyone attending the Premier Horse Sales. MM Auction Services, LLC & its associates act as agents only and are not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstanding. All guarantees are for the benefit and reliance by buyers and are strictly between the buyer and the seller of the horse. All animals are sold “As Is”. In further consideration of this sale, I agree to indemnify and defend Premier Horse Sales, MM Auction Services, LLC, Colby & Codi Gines, their agents and associates, from all injury, loss of equipment, loss of animal or damages to myself, my animals or damages or injury to others lien property from my animals, by entering this horse sale whether by negligence, breach of warranty, or any misrepresentation which is alleged to have been made about the soundness of any animal sold at the sale . The undersigned by executing this instrument delivers said agreement to MM Auction Services, LLC and Colby and Codi Gines and declares them free of any and all claims. If any claim or dispute is asserted or arises out of or over the sale or consignment of any lot or animal sold at auction, it is agreed that venue for any dispute shall be resolved exclusively in the Courts in the State of Wyoming, and that Wyoming law shall control this transaction or any claims or disputes which arise directly or indirectly out of this transaction in all respects. By purchasing a horse at Premier Horse Sales and/or executing this instrument, I verify that I have read the above information/terms & conditions in full and hereby agree to be bound by them.



River Ranch Stockyards
500 NE 23rd ST
Ft Worth , Texas 76164
United States

All horses are required to be removed from the sale premises the day following the sale by 12 pm CST. Buyers are required to arrange transportation in order to meet removal times listed. Branded A Equine Transport will be with us at the sale and ready to haul your horse to insure a stress free situation for you all. 

Premier Horses Sales stop #3 of this year takes place at historic Fort Worth Stockyards and is held where the west began in the spirit of cowboys and cattle drives, the River Ranch.

Fort Worth is where the West begins, and nothing embodies the western heritage better than the Fort Worth Stockyards.

From the original brick walkways to the wooden corrals, you’ll get to experience it all during the Best of Texas Premier Horse Sale.

Only the TOP scoring nominations sell at sale!

Where quality, class, and distinction meet, Fort Worth!

 Premier Horse Sales offers another option for exclusive horses.

Buyers will prevail at the sale, so rest assured to Buy with Confidence!!

September 8-10, 2022